February 27, 2023

Space BD
Provided Program on Space Business and Startup Management for the First Time for Unilever Japan Opportunity to gain new perspective to create innovation through experience in teamwork, conflict management, and decision-making, etc.

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Tokyo—Space BD, a leading Japanese space startup, provided the Program on Space Business and Venture Management, a training program for corporate clients and business people, for the management of Unilever Japan.
Unilever’s global purpose is “to make sustainable living commonplace,” and to achieve this Unilever Japan aims to provide learning opportunities to gain new perspective to create innovation.




Since October 2022, when Space BD developed a training program taking the form of a business game where participants can experience startup and business management on the theme of space, Space BD has offered training for companies, entrepreneurial education, and hiring assessments, among other diverse offerings. After analyzing the program results to date, Space BD customized the training for Unilever Japan and provided a program for approximately 70 members of the management team where the participants engaged in teamwork, conflict management, and decision-making in an unknown and highly uncertain environment.
Joy Ho, General Manager Japan, came to observe the training, and said: “I could see that everyone was enjoying this program and were receptive to each other's communication styles. Increasing the speed of decision-making is crucial in our day-to-day work.” Ho further commented: “Through this program, I believe that the participants were able to experience the mindset of a startup company, namely: first, to give it a try. In particular, the phrase 'the future is determined by what has been built from the past' is in line with the future-oriented mindset that we value.”
Space BD will continue to offer this program, customizing to meet customer needs and expanding the scope of support for addressing personnel issues.



▼Introductory video for the adult-oriented training program on the theme of space and startups (Japanese only)

▼Offering to Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group (Japanese only)


■Comment from Shiori Basmaci, Head of HR and WPS, Unilever Japan

Businesspeople need to display leadership and engage in decision-making in the course of various business settings every day, involving various stakeholders amidst complex situations.
On this occasion, under the grand theme of space we wanted to have our employees experience an activity different from their everyday normal. By throwing themselves into an environment where they are free from previous assumptions, they can see themselves from a different perspective and see others in a new light. This is exactly the learning experience we wanted to provide. Indeed, we received many positive comments from the participants, who seemed to have gained a great deal of insight into the quality of their own decision-making, leadership style, and relationships with others.


■Comment from Haruna Iizuka, Manager, the Head of Public Relations and Recruiting Unit, Space BD Inc.

We are very grateful to Unilever Japan, a company that promotes cutting-edge human resource policies, for deploying our space business game training program and for allowing us to support their organizational management to achieve their purpose.
In our view, space is the ideal setting to learn the skills needed to navigate today's highly uncertain, global society.
Through this program, we will continue to provide opportunities for many companies and businesspeople to gain fresh insight, and we will make further efforts to create a hopeful and fulfilled society brimming with vitality and willingness to take on new challenges, which is our overarching goal for our efforts to create a major space industry.


■About Space BD

We at Space BD are a one-stop provider of solutions for those in the space utilization field. Not only can we deliver payloads to space by a variety of methods and facilitate the use of International Space Station assets, but we can also assist with everything from business plans to hands-on technical operations. As of February 2023, Space BD’s performance record marked over 70 satellite projects and over 300 orders.



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