November 4th, 2022

Space BD
Awarded by JAXA as one of the private sectors
to study for sustainable space utilization in low Earth orbit
Contribution to further promote space business for the realization of
low Earth orbit activities in the post-ISS era

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Tokyo – Space BD, a leading Japanese startup, has been awarded by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) as one of the private sectors to study for sustainable space utilization in low Earth orbit (LEO).

This project should ensure that Japan’s space utilization initiatives, which have developed and matured through the Japanese experiment module Kibo on the International Space Station (ISS), will be succeeded smoothly in future low Earth orbit activities. The object is to put together a scenario for JAXA based on the premise of using LEO as the commercial base (commercial station) and to contribute to future activities in space.

Space BD has been providing support on projects utilizing space in a wide range of areas, including technical development, life science, and entertainment. It will be imperative to identify and capture as much commercial demands as possible from businesses and research entities in the post-ISS period, and Space BD is prepared to propose a suitable business model that responds to these demands.


■About Space BD

Space BD is a leading Japanese startup focusing on business development to drive the commercialization of space. Since its foundation in 2017, Space BD has provided extensive transportation methods to space and has offered a one-stop service for customers who wish to utilize the ISS and other opportunities in space by helping design a business plan and providing practical and technical support for their execution. With technology-based sales and business development capabilities as its cornerstone, and our staff with diverse career backgrounds providing comprehensive customer services, Space BD supports various private-public initiatives, business transformation programs, and educational projects. As of August 2022, Space BD’s performance record marked over 50 satellite projects and over 100 orders.


■For further information about this program, please contact:

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  • Tel:03-6264-7177