June 22, 2022

Space BD
Space Delivery Project “RETURN to EARTH”

Payload for second launch is finalized.
13 research centers, educational institutions, and the private sector from Japan and USA participate.
Launch to ISS scheduled by the end of FY 2022 and payload to return to Earth by end of FY 2023.

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【A part of launch items】


Tokyo – Space BD, a leading Japanese space startup, announced the final lineup of the payload to be transported on the second launch of the “Space Delivery Project: RETURN to EARTH”, which features the global boys group, JO1, as the official ambassador. Included in the payload will be items including research material, art, and corporate logos provided by 13 research centers, educational institutions, and the private sector from Japan and abroad. The launch to the International Space Station (ISS) will take place by the end of fiscal year 2022, and the items will be exposed to the outer space environment for six months before returning to Earth. After their return they will be used for various purposes including research and development, educational purposes, and PR initiatives as well as traditional crafts and entertainment.


■About the “Space Delivery Project: RETURN to EARTH”



ISS Japanese experiment module Kibo. Space BD took the lead to reach out widely to recruit participants and will provide all necessary support, from selecting the items in the payload to collecting the items that are returned to Earth. In the first launch of the project, a total of ten research institutes and firms from the private sector collaborated with Space BD and provided various items such as research material, photos, and illustrations for the launch that took place on February 20, 2022. These items will be retrieved from the ISS and re-transported to Earth before the end of fiscal year 2022 to be returned to their owners, and they will be used for experiment verification, educational purposes, and marketing initiatives.

For reference:

Space BD is recruiting clients who wish to utilize space for research and development or for branding and marketing purposes. Please contact us at for further details.


■About ExBAS

Space BD has a contract to use i-SEEP and has worked with JAXA since 2020 to jointly develop ExBAS. With ExBAS, Space BD will be able to provide services for items exposed to the outer space atmosphere. In addition to providing opportunities for research purposes, the range of customers utilizing space for various objectives can be expanded.


■Future schedule

October 2022 Deliver project items to JAXA.
By end of FY2022 Payload placed on spacecraft bound for the ISS and launched.
Items exposed to outer space on the exposed facility platform for about six months.
By end of FY2023 Items collected inside the ISS and re-transported on spacecraft back to Earth.


■Comment from Masamune Sato, Business Development Dept., Space BD

We are happy to announce the second launch of the “Space Delivery Project: RETURN to EARTH”. With the cooperation of 13 participants from various fields, including research institutes, government agencies, and the private sector, we are scheduled to launch the items they provide into outer space. Some of them have worked with us before, while for others this will be their first challenge in space. Space BD is consolidating all our efforts to drive the project and will provide all the support needed to make sure that every one of our clients feel safe and assured in taking part in this project. We wish to thank all of you concerned who support this project with your solid and reliable technical capabilities, and we sincerely hope that this project can help increase interest and involvement in space.


■”Space Delivery Project: RETURN to EARTH”  Official ambassadors


Aluminum plates printed with the logo of Lapone’s artist “JO1”, the logo of the fan club, and the photo used for JO1’s latest CD jacket

Comment from Sho Yonashiro, JO1 Leader

We at JO1 were, wait for it!, chosen to participate in a space experiment project!!
Since our star began to rise with our first single “PROTOSTAR” followed by “STARGAZER” and “The STAR,” we are so thrilled to be chosen for such a valuable opportunity. We will bring our aspirations and the aspirations of JAM who support us into this project. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.
We are so excited and thrilled to be part of this project! We’re really looking forward to it!


■”Space Delivery Project: RETURN to EARTH” Participants in the second launch




JCI Kanazawa

(Commemorative item)
Gold foil, a specialty product of Kanazawa City

Comment from Taizo Hayashi, 2022’s JCI Kanazawa President

We celebrate our 70th anniversary this year, and we thank everyone involved for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful dream-filled project at this important milestone. As an organization dedicated to developing our community and people, we believe that our challenge to take part in the unknown territory of space will lead to the development of our city of Kanazawa.

Gifu Prefectural Government

Aluminum plate printed with a logo of the Gifu-Kakamigahara Air and Space Museum in Gifu Prefecture

Comment from Gifu Prefecture

We decided to participate in this project this time through an introduction by the Kakamigahara City Industrial Policy Group. There are many types of printing techniques, and we are honoured to that our UV printing was selected. The field of space is an unknown territory for us, but we hope our contribution can lead to future development.


(Traditional Craft / Art)
Copper and steel material. Textures made using the company’s traditional techniques

Comment from Motoyuki Tamagawa, Seventh Head, Gyokusendo

We have been producing traditionally crafted copperware in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, for over 200 years. Through this collaboration, we want to see how our patinas and hammered textures are affected by the harshness of space. We hope to create new value in the world of traditional craft.

Greenspoon Ltd.

Aluminum plate printed with the corporate logo

Comment from Tomonori Tababe, CEO, Greenspoon

Vegetable one-step meal GREEN SPOON offers additive-free soups, salads, and smoothies containing all the vegetables you need to take, delivered directly to your home. Our mission is to create a self-care food culture that is fun, and our brand is committed to the food business based on the value of wellness of the body, mind, and our planet Earth. With the cooperation of Space BD, we are sincerely grateful for the opportunity to take part in such a valuable project.

Columbia Sportswear Japan Company

Aluminum plate design inspired by Columbia’s unique “Omni-Heat Infinity” technology fabric and brand logo

Comment fromKatsuhiko Makino, Marketing Director, Columbia Sportswear Japan

Looking up at the clear sky at night from an outdoor field makes us feel closer to outerspace. Columbia Sportswear will work hard to become the bridge between the outdoors and space.

Space SAGA

(Commemorative item)
Aluminum plate printed with a QR code for “Geo Gastronomy”, an official site of a food system providing dialog with the Earth

Comment from Kenichi Watanabe, General Incorporated Association Space SAGA, Earth Director

”Geo Gastronomy” is a project to create a ‘green’ food culture for the future of the Earth. We will launch into space our wisdom of coexisting with nature and bring everyone involved in ‘food’ to jointly create the future.

Tampopo 5 Research Team (Fukuoka Institute of Technology and others)

Verification of bioorganic synthesis and the survivability of microorganisms in outer space for the purpose of solving the origin, migration, and survival of life in space

Comment from Hajime Mita, Tanpopo-5 PI, Professor of Fukuoka Institute of Technology

The "Tanpopo-5" is the fifth flight of the astrobiological space experiment by the "Tanpopo" research team. The "Tanpopo-5" involved novel and challenging techniques of space exposure. This will open the door to new possibilities for space exposure experiments and will give us further knowledge about the origin and survivability of life in the space environment.

Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd.

The company’s electronic material (circuit board material, mounting reinforcement material)

Comment from Takahiro Deguchi, Assistant Chief, Marketing Department, Marketing Division, Sales & Marketing Business Unit, Electronic Materials Business Division, Panasonic Industry Co., Ltd.

We appreciate the enormous support from Space BD and all others involved for this wonderful opportunity. We will apply the results of this space exposure experiment to our product development, and we will reinforce our commitment to electronic materials for aerospace use, an area that is expected to grow towards the future.

Hanamaki Space Project “UP Hanamaki”

Aluminum plate to be used for promotion of the local Hanamaki industry after its return to Earth

Comment from Shuichi Ando, CEO, SPACE VALUE

The city of Hanamaki has infinite potential to develop towards the future. An aluminum plate carrying our spirit of “The Milky Way Train” will be launched for a six-month journey in space. After its return to Earth, we hope to apply our findings to revitalize our region as the first step of establishing “Hanamaki, the City of Space”.

Fuji Polymer Industries Co.

The company’s “SARCON” space exposure testing device

Comment from Masakazu Hattori, Technological Development Section Manager & Branding Project Reader, Fuji Polymer Industries Co., Ltd.

We at FUJIPOLY are delighted for the opportunity to participate in the Space Delivery Project. We have recently updated our corporate philosophy and redesigned our logo which happens to coincide with this amazing opportunity to take part in this unique space experiment. We hope to create new value for the future by leveraging our dedication towards manufacturing and our imagination to deliver unique products that only we can provide!

Toucan Space SAS

(Commemorative item)
Bracelet made of precious metals with a space-themed design
(Commemorative item)
Aluminum plate engraved with the corporate logo of a client


■“Space Delivery Project: RETURN to EARTH” Firms supporting the second launch

Firm name<

Support provided


Adachi Textile Co., Ltd.

Vacuum packaging as close to the conditions in outer space as possible in order to protect items that have no resistance to such an environment.

Comment from Akifumi Chinomi, General Manager, Product Div
We took on the challenge of working outside of our usual textile work to vacuum package items that have no resistance to outer space environment. We created a form that meets the standard ExBAS size and achieved the proper removal of air. We look forward to the safe return of the items.

APC Aerospecialty Inc.

Manufacturing of packaging material that can protect items that have no resistance in the outer space atmosphere.

Comment from Ichirou Yamashita, President, CEO
Manufacturing of packaging materials that can protect items that have no resistance in the outer space atmosphere. We are honored to be able to take part in this project this time as well. We are manufacturing and selling special packaging materials, including containers used in the aerospace industry. We hope we can continue to play a role in delivering various items and products into space through this project.

Core Machinery Co.

Production of aluminum plates used for commemorative items. The company’s outstanding surface treating technique is used to express complicated designs on the aluminum plates.

Comment from Masaki Okamoto, CEO
I watched the first launch on line, and I cannot forget the excitement I felt. It is an honor to support this project launch for the second time with our processing technique so that more people feel closer to space.

Sagami Toso Co.

Atomic oxygen-resistant coating required to keep the design on the aluminum plates (commemorative items) after they are exposed to outer space atmosphere.

Comment from Toshiyuki Aihara , Representative Director and President
We appreciate the opportunity to participate again in the second launch of this dream-filled space project. Our main area of business is the coating of automobile parts, and we feel motivated to take part in a project in space. We hope the items protected with our coating will return safely to Earth.

Design Lab Co., Ltd.

Printing with UV curable ink in order to express the colorful designs on the aluminum plates.

Comment from Michito Yokoi , product department manager
We appreciate to Kakamigahara- city Industrial Policy Division for letting us join a part of this project.
It's been such a great honor to be adopted our UV printing products among many other printing technics.
The universe is still unknown world but, it would be more than great if this would be a help for the future development.

Toagosei Co., Ltd.

Atomic oxygen resistant coating agent co-developed with JAXA used to protect aluminum plates.

Comment from Naomasa Furuta, Manager, New Business Search Section, New Business Planning Department, New Products Development Division, Toagosei Co., Ltd.
It is a pleasure to provide our technology and make a small contribution to this dream-filled project. I hope our material meets everyone’s expectations and wish that this project will continue on a progressive basis.

Yuki Precision Co., Ltd.

Production of the frame plate used to fix the items to the side of ExBAS. /p>

Comment from Yu Hirano
It is a great pleasure to take part again in this second phase of this project. We worked with pride and passion to produce the frame plate that ensures the safe journey of the participants’ items. We sincerely pray for a successful launch.

Takenouchi Industrial Textile Corp.

Production of fiber-made boxes to store the items transported to space.

Comment from Sho Sato, Sales Manager
We are grateful for the chance of participating in this new business of space delivery. We are committed to providing durable fiber products that can resist the harsh conditions in space and hope we can continue to play a part in the development of the space business.


■About Space BD Inc.

Space BD is a leading Japanese startup focusing on business development to drive the commercialization of space. Since its foundation in 2017, Space BD has provided extensive transportation methods to space and has offered a one-stop service for customers who wish to utilize the ISS and other opportunities in space by helping design a business plan and providing practical and technical support for their execution. With technology-based sales and business development capabilities as its cornerstone, and our staff with diverse career backgrounds providing comprehensive customer services, Space BD supports various private-public initiatives, business transformation programs, and educational projects. As of August 2022, Space BD’s performance record marked over 50 satellite projects and over 100 orders.



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