January 22, 2021

Space BD to provide the smallsatellite deployment service from ISS for ArkEdge Space
Join a demonstration project of National Space Organization of Taiwan and Univ. of Tokyo

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Tokyo- Space BD Inc., the leading Japanese space startup providing access to space, announced that it would provide satellite deployment service from the International Space Station to ArkEdge Space for their satellite “NSPO-01.” NSPO-01 is an earth observation satellite developed by ArkEdge Space, the National Space Organization (NSPO) of Taiwan, and the University of Tokyo. It is the first mission for Space BD to work with NSPO.


Image of NSPO-01 ©ArkEdge Space


ArkEdge Space (former company name: Space Edge Lab) is founded in 2018 as a spinout of Nakasuka-Funase Laboratory at the University of Tokyo, the Department of Aerospace Engineering. This time, ArkEdge Space awarded the contract by NSPO as co-researcher with Nakasuka laboratory to develop, launch, insert in orbit, and lead the initial operations of a 6U smallsatellite (100.0×226.3×366.0mm).

NSPO-01 realizes a low-cost earth observation by attaching the optical observation device developed by NSPO to the satellite with the high attitude control technology developed by the Nakasuka laboratory. The low-cost and short-term satellite development is realized by utilizing consumer products.
It is expected to expand its use and business in a wide range of efficient and frequent disaster monitoring and environmental monitoring.

Space BD engineering team leads the launch and deployment project from ISS Kibo for NSPO-01. Space BD will focus on collaborating with more international projects in the Asia Pacific and accelerate to expand the utilization of the ISS Kibo and high-quality launch service.


Comment from Takuma Terada, Director, Engineering at Space BD

“I am pleased to work with ArkEdge Space, University of Toyko Nakasuka Lab, and NSPO for their innovative satellite development project, NSPO-01. The cost is a significant challenge to bring new players into the space industry. I believe that this low-cost earth observation will be one of the remarkable projects in the space industry. Space BD continues to lead and support the project.”


Comment from Takayoshi Fukuyo, CEO at ArkEdge Space

“We are excited to participate NSPO-01 project. NSPO-01 is a low-cost 6U satellite with high-performance optical remote sensing technology. Successful operations of NSPO-01 will demonstrate the potential of low-cost 6U satellite constellations for effective and high-frequency earth observation, further reinforcing the importance of new space business utilization in solving social issues.”


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Space BD has expertise in business development to explore new possibilities of space utilization. Since its foundation in 2017, Space BD has provided the services to accelerate the industrialization of space by raising “to create the industry and company representing Japan in the world.” Space BD offers four core businesses -“Launch Service,” providing the satellite launch and the International Space Station utilization opportunities; “Space Equipment Import/Export,” supporting to import and export the components and test equipment related to satellite development; “Education” applying the astronauts training to the education program to grow next leaders in the societies; and “Space Utilization” developing the new businesses utilizing space by combinations of SDGs, etc. Space BD offers the optimum solutions to utilize space to everyone worldwide as a business development professional with these businesses.


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