February 2, 2021

Space BD completed the project for the earth observation camera “iSIM” manufactured by Spanish company, SATLANTIS

Tokyo- Space BD Inc., the leading Japanese space startup providing access to space, announced that they completed the whole project for Integrated Standard Imager for Microsatellites “iSIM” manufactured by SATLANTIS MICROSAT SL in Spain.

Space BD has provided the utilization service of IVA-Replaceable Small Exposed Experiment Platform (i-SEEP) to SATLANTIS since February 2019. It is the first i-SEEP utilization service for Space BD to get a contract, as well as it is the first launch of an Earth Observation camera completely manufactured in Spain and the first non-Japanese technology to be attached on i-SEEP.

The project’s mission was the in-orbit demonstration to achieve the technology readiness level (TRL) 9 for iSIM. SATLANTIS has developed this very high-resolution technology for earth observation with the aim to become a global provider of products and services, by means of single missions and including the deployment of a small satellite constellation in the future.


iSIM about to be attached on the external platform ©JAXA/NASA


iSIM after completing the IOD and brought back in ISS ©JAXA/NASA


■ Project overview


February 2019
Space BD and SATLANTIS contracted at the head quarter of SLATLANTIS in Bilbao, Spain.


Left: Masa Nagasaki (CEO at Space BD) Right: Juan Tomás Hernani(CEO at SATLANTIS)


August 2019
Space BD and SATLANTIS passed interface test which is an important milestone of the project.


December 2019
Space BD and SATLANTIS successfully handed over iSIM to JAXA.




May 2020
Space BD successfully launched its payload, SATLANTIS’ iSIM, to the International Space Station via HTV9.


The launch of HTV-9 via HII-B rocket
(Source: Youtube official Channel "JAXA Channel"


ITV-9 captured by ISS
(Source: Youtube official Channel "JAXA Channel"


June 2020
An astronaut installed iSIM on the i-SEEP and delivered iSIM to the space environment through the airlock passage. Upon this installation, a commemorative event was held online with the participants from Japan, Europe, and the United States, including His Majesty, King Felipe VI of Spain. After attaching iSIM to the i-SEEP inside of Kibo on June 9th JST, His Majesty, King Felipe VI, and the NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy had a conversation moderated by Chiaki Mukai, a Japanese astronaut, Vice President of the Tokyo University of Science, and Senior Advisor to the JAXA Executive Director.



July 2020
Achieved in receiving 20,000+ images from iSIM attached on i-SEEP one month after stating the IOD.


December 2020
The mission successfully completed.


The image of Huelva (South Spain) from iSIM. Inside of squares shows before and after super resolution. ©SATLANTIS