Space BD and RymanSat completed the prelaunch technical
integration and handover process of RymanSat’s smallsat RSP-01
Completed the final phase on the Earth to launch in early 2021

Tokyo- Space BD Inc., the leading Japanese space startup providing access to space and Rymansat Spaces, announced that they completed the prelaunch technical integration, environmental testing for the RSP-01 and successfully handover it to Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). RSP-01 will be carried via an International Space Station resupply vehicle and launched to the ISS in early 2021.



Rymansat Spaces is a community club that aims to make space closer, reachable, and attractive to everyone. Rymansat aims to boost space development in Japan and worldwide by removing the barriers to space development and promoting space development as a “hobby.” Space BD and Rymansat have contracted since 2019 for the three satellite projects (RSP-01, RSP-02, and RSP-03). This time, they completed the prelaunch integration process for the first satellite, RSP-01.

RSP-01 is a 1U Cubesat (100mm x 100mm x 113.5mm; 1.33kg), and its mission is to take the selfies in orbit. After it is deployed from the ISS Kibo, RSP-01 will take the self-images by expanding the arm in space and will send the data to the Earth.

Space BD has provided the one-stop service, including scheduling the launch opportunity, safety reviews following the environmental test results, and submission for administrative procedures. Space BD continues to work for RSP-01 to bring the mission to success.


Comment from Ryuichi Mitsui, Project Manager for RSP-01, Rymansat Spaces

“We successfully handed over our first satellite RSP-01 (nickname: Selfie-sh) to JAXA, thanks to the support from Space BD, people who supported our projects, and the great members at the Rymansat project. RSP-01 carries the soul and the wishes from Rymansat members and many people. We believe that this becomes the first step to expanding space development with the Japanese salaryman.”


Comment from Takuma Terada, Director, Engineering at Space BD

“I am pleased to complete the whole process for Rymansat’s RSP-01 project. Space BD aims to expand space development and make people utilize space, especially the low earth orbit. Rymansat’s project embodies the idea. We hope that RSP-01 and subsequent RSP-02 and03 will be the project opens up the next phase of Japanese space use.”


■ About Rymansat Project

The Rymansat Project aims to realize human-centric space development, starting with dreams and excitements. Rymansat welcomes new and diverse members from the engineers who develop the satellites and rover to those who like to supports the 700+ project members as administration and public relations at the back office.
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