January 13, 2021

Space BD contracted with JAXA to undertake the integration work package for the Innovative Satellite Technology Demonstration-3
Reform its board member and move to the next phase with the new service and team

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Tokyo- Space BD Inc., the leading Japanese space startup providing access to space with the International Space Station (ISS) “Kibo” module and piggyback launch on Japan’s flagship launch vehicle “H3”, announced that they contracted with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to undertake the integration work package for Innovative Satellite Technology Demonstration-3 Small Satellites and Cubesats. The satellites will be launched using Japan’s solid-propellant launcher, Epsilon. With the integration work package contract, Space BD approached the various launch method in Japan, which Space BD has aimed.

The previous contract awards from JAXA make Space BD the official service provider for multiple space systems - ISS small satellite deployment, ISS external platform service, H-IIA/H3 piggyback launches, and next-generation ISS resupply vehicle, HTV-X. Up to now, Space BD has been involved in a total of 52 satellite missions, including these four services.

Under the integration work package contract, Space BD will be the private entity that offers various launch methods in Japan. In the future, through these activities, Space BD will develop a user-friendly service by deepening the long and stable communication with satellite developers, standardization of launch conditions, and process simplification.


Figure: The launch methods and position of Space BD (As of November 2020)


Furthermore, Space BD has recently expanded its management board by welcoming Hide Akazawa as the CFO. Hide previously worked as the director and general manager of the administration department at Digital Arts Inc. Mac Kanazawa has also been promoted to the position of COO from the Director, General of the Satellite Launch Services Division.
Mac will observe the business development and engineering division as COO and Director, Business Development. He will lead the growth of the launch service business and the new business development around space, which is Space BD’s expertise.
Hide will lead Space BD’s development of corporate value through developing the organizational functions, the risk management systems, financial strategy and plan, and communications including IR, SR, PR as the CFO and Director, Administration.

By taking on a new challenge of managing multiple satellite launch methods, and expansion of the management board, Space BD hopes to strengthen the company management and operations for acceleration of speed as startup company and development of the company infrastructure for the initial public offering (IPO).


Comment from Masa Nagasaki, Co-founder & CEO

“In the space industry, where will be the next-generation industry, I believe that the speed as a startup and user-friendly service are Space BD’s core strengths. In addition to the development of each business portfolio, Space BD will continue to develop the company culture to be the representative company in the world.”


Comment from Mac Kanazawa, COO, Director, Business Development at Space BD

“We are delighted to be awarded the contract with JAXA as the satellite integration work package for the Innovating Satellite Launch Program-3. As a private service provider providing the launch opportunities such as H3 and HTV-X, we accelerate developing the process through deepening the long and stable communication with satellite developers, standardization of launch conditions, and process simplification. As COO, I will accelerate the industrialization of space via developing the service of our launch service business and business development in a new area of the industry.”


Comment from Hide Akazawa, CFO, Director, Administration

“I am pleased to join Space BD at this moment to develop the foundation of the company culture as a member of the management board. For a company like Space BD, which is expecting an IPO very soon, having a robust financial strategy is crucial. Applying the previous experience of IPO support and management at a startup, I hope to contribute to building Space BD’s financial system and culture.”



■ About Innovative Satellite Technology Demonstration Program

Innovative Satellite Technology Demonstration Program hosted by JAXA aims to provide private sectors and universities opportunities to take new experiences, develop future missions and projects, and demonstrate the core components and new materials in orbit. They use the Epsilon developed by JAXA and launch once in two years. JAXA plans to launch a total of seven times. Innovative Satellite Technology
Demonstration Program official website: (Japanese only)


■ About Epsilon Launch Vehicle

The Epsilon Launch Vehicle is a solid-fuel rocket designed to lower the threshold to space hitherto regarded as “special” and usher in an age in which everyone can make active use of space. Under the banner of “the world’s most compact launch”, JAXA has sought to streamline assembly, inspection and other operations and to renovate the entire launch system, spanning operations, equipment and airframes. Ingenious approaches have been taken to reduce vibration and noise as well as to buffer shocks during satellite separation from the rocket in order to achieve a world-class ride. Four Epsilon Launch Vehicles have been launched from the Uchinoura Space Center, all successfully.


■ About Space BD

Space BD delivers the optimum plan to transport things to Space for customers aiming to launch satellites or perform experiments in the space environment. As the strategic partner of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), the company provides one-stop support from technical coordination to launch execution and operations support using reliable space assets such as the ISS Kibo module and Japan's flagship launch vehicle H3.

Furthermore, Space BD has expertise in new business and project creation to explore new possibilities of space utilization and open up Space to other industry sectors. Since its foundation in 2017, Space BD has been pursuing its mission to accelerate the industrialization of Space by incubating various businesses around “Space.” Their business activities include leadership training program based on the training program for astronauts, and capacity-building in developing countries. The company will continue to expand the scope of the space industry around the world.


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