25th May 2020

Space BD successfully launched its payload, SATLANTIS’ iSIM to the International Space Station via HTV9

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Tokyo- Space BD Inc., the leading space startup in Japan that provides access to space using the International Space Station Japanese Experiment Module, Kibo and rideshares on Japan’s flagship launch vehicle “H3”, announces that the H-II Transfer Vehicle No.9 (HTV9) successfully launched from Tanegashima Space Station to the International Space Station via H-IIB launch vehicle. HTV9 is carrying a payload of Space BD’s customer, SATLANTIS MICROSAT S.L.'s Integrated Standard Imager for Microsatellites (iSIM).


H-IIB launch information

Date and Time: May 21, 2020, at 2:31 am JST
Venue: Tanegashima Space Center (Tanegashima, Kagoshima, Japan)
Space BD’s payload: SATLANTIS' iSIM
Launch method: HTV9 carried by H-IIB launch vehicle


After its arrival to the International Space Station, iSIM will be attached to the IVA-Replaceable Small Exposed Experiment Platform (i-SEEP) and start its in-orbit demonstration (IOD) mission. Through this IOD, SATLANTIS aims to achieve a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 9 to support new SmallSatellites constellations in the market


To note, this is the first non-Japanese technology that will be installed on the i-SEEP. Space BD has been working on the project since February 2019 to provide one-stop support for all matters, including scheduling the launch and IOD opportunities, technical coordination and safety reviews following the environmental test results, and support for administrative procedures for SATLANTIS to achieve IOD on the International Space Station. The company will maintain its commitment to the project to ensure successful mission completion.


Previous press releases for this project

February 25, 2019
Space BD and Satlantis sign an alliance to install iSIM170 on “i-SEEP”, the exposed experimental platform of the ISS JAXA module.

August 7, 2019
Space BD and Satlantis successfully passed important technology milestones for iSIM 70 demonstration by i-SEEP on ISS JAXA Module and steadily move on to launch.

December 17, 2019
Space BD completed the prelaunch technical integration and handover process of In-Orbit Demonstration mission for SATLANTIS’ optical payload. The first international project for ISS Kibo external demonstration platform i-SEEP.



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About Space BD Inc.

Space BD delivers the optimum plan to transport things to Space for customers aiming to launch satellites or perform experiments in the space environment. The company provides one-stop support for all matters right from technical coordination to execution and operations support. Furthermore, Space BD has expertise in new business and project creation to explore new possibilities of space utilization and open up Space to industry sectors. Since its founding in 2017, Space BD has been actively pursuing its mission of accelerate the industrialization of Space. In December 2019, Space BD was once again selected by JAXA as the official rideshare launch provider using Japan’s flagship launch vehicle, H3. The company will continue to maximize the value of these Japanese assets to expand the space industry’ scope in Japan and around the world.