January 24th, 2019

Space Inventor and Space BD Signs Distribution Agreement

Tokyo, Japan, December 19, 2018 – Space BD Inc, a space start-up company based in Tokyo, Japan, and Space Inventor ApS, an emerging new space company in Denmark announced that they have signed an agency agreement, appointing Space BD to be the distributor of the Danish company’s nano- and microsatellite products for the Japanese market.


The agreement comes in the spirit of Denmark-Japan relationship, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2017. Under the terms of the agreement, Space BD will employ its sales, marketing and international trade expertise to promote and distribute Space Inventor’s cutting-edge portfolio of microsatellite and “cubesat” components in Japan.
The agreement between Space BD and Space Inventor was signed to improve Japan’s access to high-quality nanosatellite products in Europe to address the rising needs of new cubesat projects amongst the government, academic, and commercial sectors of Japan.


Masa Nagasaki, Co-founder and CEO and Space BD, states, “We are very excited to partner with Space Inventor as we are very aware of their robust and highly-reliable satellite products. In particular, their high quality avionics products will greatly strengthen our portfolio to address the rapidly growing nanosatellite communities in Japan.”


Space Inventor’s CSO Jacob Mølbach Nissen states, “Being a small new space company in Denmark with focus on developing innovative products and solutions, a partnership with Space BD to represent us in Japan is a very great opportunity for us. We are really looking forward serving the customers in Japan with our high-quality products and services for nano- and micro-satellite missions”.


The distribution agreement is a first step in the partnership, and it may be expanded with additional products and territories in the future. 


About Space Inventor ApS


Space Inventor ApS, of Aalborg, Denmark, was founded in 2015. Space Inventor has focused on designing, building and testing a variety of avionics products in order to meet the need for professional, industrialized satellites that meet a minimum of a five-year life span. Space Inventor uses a modular approach that allows for components to be interchangeable between micro- and nanosatellites. Space Inventor understands the need for customization when developing individual missions; therefore, they also provide engineering services for custom development and mission design. Space Inventor strives to provide fast solutions with the highest quality and performance to meet each client’s mission needs.  


More information about Space Inventor ApS can be found at


About Space BD Inc


Space BD is a space start-up company headquartered in Tokyo, and it was founded in 2017. The company offers import/export support and procurement management of space hardware and components, and development and management of international and domestic space projects.  Furthermore, Space BD offers one-stop launch campaign management, and in May 2018, it was awarded the contract from JAXA to be the commercial operator of the small satellite deployment service from the Japanese Experimental Module “Kibo” on-board the International Space Station.


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