13th November 2018

Space BD × Z-KAI Group × JAXA Started Educational Projects by using "J-SPARC" Framework ~ Astronaut Training Method × Next Generation Type Education Project ~

Space BD Inc.
Zoshinkai Holdings Inc.
The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
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Space BD Inc. (CEO & Co-Founder Masatoshi Nagasaki, hereinafter "Space BD"), Zoshinkai Holdings Inc. (CEO Takaaki Fujii, hereinafter "Z-KAI Group") and The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (President Hiroshi Yamakawa, hereinafter "JAXA") started to create business in the education field in the framework of "J-SPARC" (JAXA Space Innovation through Partnership and Co-creation).


By March 2019, Space BD will develop the Next Generation Type Education so-called "non-cognitive skills" method for all generations from children to adults (include corporate recruitment and training of companies) by analyze and evaluate the following items; (1) JAXA's Astronaut Training Method, (2) Experience and knowledge of Ms. Naoko Yamazaki (Astronaut), (3) Prof. Tatsuo Kitagawa’s Knowledge of international academic achievement evaluation tool / teaching material development record.


Among the range of generation, Space BD collaborate with Z-KAI Group, which provides various educational services such as correspondence education and tutoring school, we will develop the programs (including teaching materials and program development) in the age group from children to university students. From April 2019, we will conduct test marketing and develop teaching materials for each age group. Finally, by April 2020, we aim for full-scale sales of the program and educational materials.


JAXA will realize the maximization of JAXA research and development results not only in the space field, but also in the education field through provision of training methods for astronauts cultivated over many years.


Human beings are living in "A society that makes rapid and unpredictable changes", and in order to respond to the change, we must continue to learn throughout life (life-long learning), instantaneously acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. Also, it must be made available immediately. Under such circumstances, it is required following capability; "The ability to respond to rapid and unpredictable change / The ability to create new value" (Japan / OECD). "Motivation and Ability to tackle unknown tasks" (Finland / EU). Currently, these capabilities, which are classified as "non-cognitive skills" expertly, have not established measurement and training methods in the world.


Based on the hypothesis that Astronauts who challenge the universe which is a symbol unknown to humankind and realize value creation, also have capabilities of motivation & ability to tackle unknown tasks, become a role model. We will analyze and establish a method for evaluating and building "non-cognitive skills". We aim to produce many people who can withstand the " A society that makes rapid and unpredictable changes ".



<Participants in this project>

【Space BD Inc.】Co-Founder & CEO Masatoshi Nagasaki

In Sept 2017, Masatoshi co-founded Space BD Inc. where he assumed the position of Co-Founder & CEO. As a seasoned expert in business development, he embarks on his new challenge in the space industry.
Previously he founded Nagasaki & Co. in 2014 where he mainly engaged in business development in the field of education. Notable projects include AOKI Global Entrepreneurship Project, and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Entrepreneur Education Promotion Project. He is also an invited researcher at Waseda University Transnational HRM Research Institute, and a research fellow for Yokohama National University Growth Strategy Research Center.
Prior, he served at Mitsui & Co., Ltd., one of the biggest conglomerates in Japan, and spent 11 years working in steel making and mineral resources (iron ore) industries, covered trading and business development positions including joint venture development in Brazil and Australia for 4 years in total. He graduated from Waseda University with a bachelor’s degree in education.


【Zoshinkai Holdings Inc.】CEO Takaaki Fujii

Z-KAI Group is an educational group in Japan whose history stretches back over 87 years and offers a wide range of services including distance correspondence education, cram schools, publications, solutions for schools, assessments (tests and evaluations).
Actively introducing ICT-based tutoring services in the correspondence education business through Z-kai Inc. and other subsidiaries, the Group offers the best educational services to meet new needs that are more diverse than ever before.
In cram school business operated by Eikoh Inc. and other subsidiaries, the services are designed to support individual development of each child and maximize his/her potential. The Group has also a wide range of courses including science class, coding and robotics STEM class and English conversation class, etc. The Group provides educational materials and mock tests to educational institutions be it public and private schools or clam schools and prep schools for university entrance examination throughout Japan through Educational Network Inc. and other subsidiaries. In recent years, the companies propose the best solutions to meet the needs of public institutions and receive more orders from the public sector.
The Group delivers the best educational services for children, future leaders of our world to embody the corporate philosophy, “Excellence in education for future global leaders”.


JAPAN Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)】Director, New Enterprise Promotion Department Hiroyuki Iwamoto

In May 2018, JAXA New Enterprise Promotion Department was established as a new partnership-type research and development program with the scope of business until the commercialization as a new measure of the 4th medium / long term plan (2018 to 2024) , JAXA Space Innovation through Partnership and Co-creation (J-SPARC), we are promoting technological innovation, innovation creation and new business creation that will not close in the space field, with private enterprises aiming for space business.
Through this policy, we will realize the familiar universe and work together with our partners to create and promote the space business that will contribute to society and the space business that opens the next generation.


【Astronaut】Naoko Yamazaki

Yamazaki earned a Master of Engineering degree majored in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1996, then started working for Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). In 1999, she was selected as an astronaut candidate and was qualified as a Soyuz-TMA Flight Engineer in 2004 and NASA Mission Specialist in 2006. On April 5, 2010 Yamazaki was onboard Space Shuttle Discovery on the crew of STS-131, an assembly & resupply mission to the International Space Station.
After retiring from JAXA in 2011, Yamazaki has been serving as a member of Japan Space Policy Committee, an adviser of Young Astronaut Club (YAC), a visiting professor at Ritsumeikan University and Joshibi University of Art and Design, and a chairperson of “Sorajo (women in aerospace)” under Japanese Rocket Society.


【Affiliate Professor, Graduate School of Education, Seisa University】Tatsuo Kitagawa

After graduated from Waseda University in Bachelor of Laws, he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From 1991 to 1998, he was a Diplomat for the Embassy of Japan Helsinki, Finland and Embassy of Japan in Tallin, Estonia. After he retired, we was a Board Member of Learning Video Management Finland and Member of Test Developers for Reading Literacy PISA 2009, OECD(2000-15). Currently he has served as an international academic evaluation tool developer, also worked on educational textbooks, teaching materials and assessment work such as Japan and Finland as a teaching material writer. In addition, he conducts training on the thinking ability, dialogue power, and ethical decision-making ability of global standards for schools and companies. Also he is Affiliate Professor, Graduate School of Education, Seisa University and Sanseido English · Japanese language textbook editorial board member.