24th October 2018

Space BD Opens Japanese First Multi-Service Portal Website of Space Utilisation Called “Space for Space”

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Space BD is a start-up company founded in Sept 2017 with a mission to contribute, as a service provider for the space industry, to the development of the space industry by contributing to reducing the burden on businesses requiring technology development, and expanding commercial opportunities for new technologies.

Today Space BD opened their new portal website, “Space for Space” (, to widely promote their services and make it more accessible to a broader range of communities. This multi-service portal is first of its kind in Japan to target all matters related to space utilisation.

The main concept of “Space for Space” is to act as “a gathering place where a wide range of people and companies, from beginners to experts in space, can meet”. By doing so, it aims to encourage more people and companies to participate in space, and foster creation of innovative new space ventures through collaborating with diverse range of industries. For example, “Space for Space” operates as one-stop shop to solve a wide variety of issues ranging from procurement of satellite components and hardware to design and development, environmental testing, launch, operation support and microgravity utilisation, such as that in the International Space Station.


『Space for Space』URL:



■Comment from the Director / Mac Kanazawa

Today, with more private-led space developments and momentum for space tourism gaining pace, the hurdle for entering space business is decreasing. However, it is also true that space still appears as a distant and complicated domain to understand for the general public and most industries. Space BD aims to make “Space for Space” as the gateway to New Space, and contribute to the expansion of space industry through promoting realisation of new concepts and services, as well as participation of more people and companies to take up the challenge of the new space era.


■Corporate Profile

Company Name:Space BD Inc.
Management:Co-Founder & CEO / Masatoshi (Masa) Nagasaki
Offices:HQ / Fukushima Bldg.7th floor,1-5-3 Nihonbashimuromachi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo,JAPAN
Europe Rep / Belgium
Founded:1st September 2017
Capital Stock:JPY309million